Marian is very professional and caring through the whole process. She has helped me improve my sleep problem and general health condition. I would definitely recommend Marian Lee.

-HueyWen J, Danville, CA


Marian is very patient and gentle. I was very nervous to have my first
treatment, but Marian's calm and capable demeanor quickly put me at
ease. I have noticed considerable reduction in pain caused by injuries
to both my shoulder and my lower back. Thanks to Marian, I now
consider acupuncture a reliable & enjoyable treatment.
 -Jim Auer, Fremont CA


I have been treated by acupuncturist/herbalist Dr. Marian Lee for about a month and am already seeing amazing results.  I have osteoarthritis in my knees and digestive disorders that have caused me much pain and discomfort.  I do not use a cane now thanks to her acupuncture treatments and with patience and commitment to her protocols, my digestive problems will be behind me as well.  Dr. Lee has made a big difference in my ability to walk and how my food is digesting.  Dr. Lee is also very flexible in scheduling appointments which I really appreciate.

- P. M. Rose, San Francisco


Today I got an acupuncture from Marian. I have had a pain in my neck for several months and after going to a chiropractor and not getting any relief, I decided to try acupuncture.  IT WORKED!  The pain is gone and I can move my neck without the pain. I am a fan for life! I am so relaxed and stress free, right now, I don't know what to do with myself."
- Dale C. , Oakland, CA


I first went to see Dr. Lee on a recommendation from an old friend who was having problems and was seeing Dr. Lee for pain relief. For over 6 months I had been experiencing pain in most of the muscles in my body and most of my joints including realy bad pain in my breast bone under my left breast and bad shoulder pain in my left shoulder. I had never had Acupuncture before. I had been to my first Swedish massage, but other than temporarily making me feel relaxed, it did almost nothing to relieve pain. 

Dr. Lee explained the procedure and right upon the first visit when she introduced the needles where I had pain, I could feel the current running around my body like an electrical circuit. When I got home I was tired and the next day I was still in pain. But the very next day I was remarkably much better. On the second visit she inserted 22 needles at pain sites and again, the day after that I couldn't believe it. All the pain in my arms, hips, legs and right shoulder, including even the painful breast area had totally disappeared. I was estatic and couldn't wait to tell her. It felt like 25 years had been lifted from my body and I was sleeping better and digesting food better as well. It was remarkable. In addition she put me on a regimen of special pills and a weight-loss and digestion tea which is lovely to drink and watch.

I highly recommend Dr. Lee for any pain you may be experiencing in your body. She is patient, kind and informative and makes you feel totally at home.

-Cynthia Coppi, San Francisco
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